Firewood. Chipped (mix, birch, aspen, pine)

Firewood – pieces of wood intended for burning in a stove, fireplace, firebox or bonfire for heat and light

Fuel chips

Wood specially ground during the production of other timber. Wood chips and thin trees, peaks and fragments of trunks, branches, branches, waste from timber processing are processed into wood chips.
Wood chips are excellent for use as fuel in universal solid fuel boilers, due to their efficiency and high level of efficiency.

Fuel pellets

Pressed, finely chopped dry wood waste without using bark.
The calorific value of white pellets is 17.2 MJ / kg.
White pellets – Premium Light color variety is made from wood without the use of bark. The calorific value of white pellets is 17.2 MJ / kg. There is very little ash when cleaning the boiler. Premium pellets make up more than 95% of the total production of fuel pellets; they are burned in any stoves suitable for standard or high quality fuel.
Customer Information

Products are packed in a tight bag, packed in a film on five sides, tied with plastic tape.

When marking packages, the following shall be indicated: package number, breed, grade, section, length, pieces, cubic capacity.


Shipment of wood chips and round timber is carried out by road; lumber and planed products are shipped in containers and by road on FCA conditions.